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No business can thrive without a motivated and skilled workforce at its heart. ABNIC strives to foster an inclusive working environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect while being given opportunities to achieve their ambitions and explore their potential. We want to become an employer of choice for the best talent in the UAE. Over the past three years, ABNIC has had a stable headcount, all employed on a permanent and full-time basis. The female-to-male ratio of our workforce has also been steady over that period.

ABNIC promotes and ensures employee wellbeing through a combined set of actions:

• We offer employees a sense of stability through the company’s strong financial position and reputation. We try to retain the best employees for as long as possible and many employees have been with us for many years (more than 30 years) and the average tenure is 11 years. The company’s turnover rate was 11% in 2021 and has remained stable over the past three years. This is a testament to our stability and the level of employee satisfaction at our organization.

• In addition, the company offers competitive packages including various benefits that go beyond UAE Labor Law requirements. These help to create a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees. Some of these benefits include:

Life Insurance
Disability Coverage
Provident Fund

In addition, the company understands that in today’s world, flexible working conditions are increasingly important to many employees. We offer flexibility, for example, by granting employees leave for special reasons including Study Leave, Hajj Leave and Compassionate Leave.

Employee wellbeing also means providing an environment that is safe and promotes open dialogue. Our whistleblowing policy allows employees and others to report incidents of unethical or illegal conduct without fear of reprisal. The policy provides an internal mechanism for reporting, investigating and remedying wrongdoing in the workplace. It encourages employees to speak-up when needed.

Training & development opportunities are also key to promoting employee wellbeing as it shows the company values its people and wants to invest in their development.

The above measures are designed to support ABNIC’s ambition to become an employer of choice for dynamic talent.

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