Group Medical Insurance

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Life is uncertain. Employees are the most valuable resource of their companies. Your employees and their dependents are bound to face health issues at some time or the other. Our role is to assist them to overcome these health challenges. We take up all the difficulties related to their treatment so they can be totally worry-free. We will provide them access to the best medical facilities to put them back on the road to recovery.

ABNIC offers specially structured Group Medical Insurance plans, complying with specific needs of the leading corporate organizations in the UAE. Our schemes are designed to safeguard employees and their families against escalating medical treatment costs and meeting with Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Our full-fledged Medical Department consists of qualified Underwriters, Medical Doctors, Nurses/Pharmacist and Assistance staffs. We are catering our clients with our own Medical service provider Networks and as well as with different TPA Services.

ABNIC has a network of over 1500 medical providers managed by a professional team of around 20 doctors, 5 pharmacists working 24 hours to provide the best services to our customers

Whichever plan you choose, the added value benefits you will enjoy:

  •   Access to over 63 highest quality hospitals in UAE
  •   593 accredited clinics
  •   51 Diagnostic Centre’s
  •   989 Pharmacies
  •   Dedicated 24 x 7 help line

Our plans are designed specifically for Corporate Business and Groups to give them choice and flexibility to help meet their medical insurance needs.

  •   Inpatient and outpatient treatments including laboratory, radiology, drugs & medicine and surgical dressing services.
  •   Extended benefits in the UAE.
  •   Optional world-wide cover
  •   Emergency treatment while travelling for business and pleasure
  •   Wide spectrum of plans to suit your group budget
  •   Efficiency in handling claims
  •   Long list of accredited doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in the UAE
  •   Personalized membership cards

The plans provide:

  •   Quality, affordable and flexible group medical insurance
  •   Staff and dependents can be easily added and removed from a group on a monthly basis as staff leave or join the organization.
  •   Group coverage helps in significant cost savings compared to buying of Individual medical plans.
  •   Groups of 50 or more employees can “mix and match” cover and have different levels of coverage within a group based upon the employee rank or business role

Quality Service

ABNIC has an expert team of doctors, medical support staff and a dedicated pool of underwriters to provide quality medical insurance solutions and to assist in identifying quality treatment centers around the world

If you are Dubai Visa Holder and have a complaint, you can contact our customer service at:
Telephone: 06-5117500

Furthermore, you can raise your complaint through Dubai Health Authority by visiting the below page:
DHA Link for Complaint

Direct payment of claims

A Simple solution to expedite treatment and settlement of claims. Each member is issued a personalized membership card enabling him/her to secure the best medical care and the payment will be made by us directly to the medical provider.