Yacht Insurance

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Accidents happen to even the most careful Yacht owners, and that is why proper insurance coverage is essential. ABNIC Yacht Insurance provides protection specifically designed for the needs of today’s Yacht owner. Our policy is flexible so we can customize to your particular needs. ABNIC has been delivering effective insurance solutions, efficient service, and marine expertise and our goal is to make the process of insuring your yacht as easy as possible.

We can help you insure your yacht with the right liability and damage coverage to protect you and your passengers. With ABNIC Yacht Insurance, your Yacht is insured on water and on land; boat, motor and trailer are all covered, and coverage for liability lawsuits and medical payments can be included. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the water knowing you have the right coverage at a fair price

Our fully comprehensive yacht insurance comes with a wide range of benefits and outstanding service backed by a fast and fair claims settlement record all at a competitive price.

  •   All-risk protection for yachts of all sizes and values, as well as dinghies, outboard motors and boat trailers
  •   Personal Effects Coverage
  •   Commercial towing and assistance in case of emergency
  •   Liability for loss of life, bodily injury and property damage to third parties
  •   Wreck removal expense
  •   Liability for your use of non-owned yachts, under specific circumstances
  •   Automatic coverage for newly acquired yachts, under specific circumstances
  •   Uninsured and underinsured boaters insurance
  •   Medical payments
  •   Pollution liability
  •   Defense costs and civil suit bonds
  •   Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation insurance