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Third Party Liability

This insurance will indemnify against all sums which the insured shall become legally liable as an occupier of the premises due to accidents causing damage and/or bodily injury (Fatal or Non-Fatal) to Third Parties arising out of their Business.

Product Liability

It provides indemnity for claims made against the insured by the third party arising out products manufactured/ sold by the insured.

Director’s and Officer’s Liability

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers directors and officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer. This policy pays for what is often stated as “any actual or alleged act or omission, error, misstatement, misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty by an insured person in the discharge of his/her duties|”. In effect, the policies function as “management errors and omissions liability insurance”, covering claims resulting from managerial decisions that have adverse financial consequences.

Employees Liability

This policy offers protection to employers for their legal liability (under UAE law) for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses of lawsuits filed by an employee.

Medical Malpractice

With this policy, medical professionals and healthcare centers are protected against legal liability for the death or bodily injury or mental injury of patients due to negligence, error and omission in rendering their professional services. It also covers litigation expenses.

Professional Indemnity (Lawyers/ Solicitors)

The Insured may become legally liable to pay arising from any claim being first made in writing against them for breach of duty by reason of any negligent act, errors or omission committed or alleged to have been committed.

Professional Indemnity

The Insured may become legally liable to pay arising from any claim being first made in writing against them for breach of duty by reason of any negligent act, erros or omission committed or alleged to have been committed.

Liability insurance is one of the most crucial insurance which needs to be taken by every business entity. As the owner of your company, you can be faced with ongoing medical and legal costs if an employee is injured at work or in case of any third party bodily injury or property damage. Our insurance will protect your business under these circumstances, preventing any strain on your resources.

Worker’s compensation

This policy covers any occupational sickness or accidents arising during the course of employment, including medical expenses and loss of wages for either bodily injury or the death of an employee. Employer’s liability pays additional compensation over and above the workers compensation benefits upon a court judgment of negligence on the part of the employer.

Public Liability

This policy protects business owners against their legal liability caused by their negligence of their employees in the course of their work, or by defect in the premises, works, machinery and plant. This policy protects against payments as the result of bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, the cost of defending lawsuits.

Liability insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides protection to individuals and businesses against financial losses arising from legal claims made against them due to their legal liability. Liability insurance in the UAE covers various types of liabilities, including general liability, professional liability, product liability, and employer's liability.


Liability insurance in the UAE provides coverage for legal liabilities arising from bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury caused to third parties. The policy may also cover legal expenses incurred in defending against the claims made by third parties, including court fees, attorney fees, and settlement costs. The level of coverage and premiums depend on the type and nature of the business, the risk factors associated with the business, and the terms and conditions of the policy.


The premium for liability insurance in the UAE depends on various factors such as the type and nature of the business, the level of coverage required, the risk factors associated with the business, and the claims history of the business. The premium may also depend on the insurance provider and the terms and conditions of the policy.


Like any other insurance policy, liability insurance in the UAE has some exclusions. These may include losses caused intentionally or fraudulently, losses caused by war or political instability, and losses caused by normal wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. The policy may also exclude losses caused by illegal activities or activities outside the scope of the insured's business.


The benefits of liability insurance in the UAE include protection against unforeseen legal claims and financial losses that may arise from legal liabilities. The policy provides a quick and easy way to recover from the financial losses incurred due to legal claims, reducing the financial burden on the insured. Liability insurance also offers peace of mind and enhances the reputation of the business by demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices.


Liability insurance is a crucial form of protection for individuals and businesses in the UAE. With the right insurance policy, businesses can protect themselves against unforeseen legal claims and minimize financial losses. It is advisable to compare different policies from different insurance providers and choose the one that offers the best coverage at a competitive price. Al Buhaira Insurance is a leading insurance provider in the UAE with extensive experience in providing liability insurance solutions for individuals and businesses.

Frequently asked questions about Liability Insurance in the UAE:
Ans: Liability insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects individuals and businesses from the financial risk of being held legally liable for damages caused to third parties, whether it is bodily injury, property damage, or financial losses.
Ans: In the UAE, there are several types of liability insurance, including public liability insurance, product liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, medical malpractice insurance, employers' liability insurance, and directors and officers liability insurance.
Ans: Any business or individual who faces a risk of being held legally liable for damages caused to third parties should consider liability insurance. For example, if you run a business that deals with the public or manufactures products, you may want to consider public or product liability insurance. Similarly, if you work in a profession that provides advice or services to clients, professional indemnity insurance may be necessary.
Ans: Liability insurance policies provide coverage for damages caused to third parties. If a claim is made against you or your business, your insurance policy will cover the cost of legal fees, settlements, and damages awarded up to the limit of your policy.
Ans: The limit of liability insurance coverage varies depending on the policy and the insurer. It is important to carefully consider your potential liability exposure and choose a policy limit that provides adequate coverage.
Ans: Liability insurance is not mandatory in the UAE, but some industries may require it as part of their licensing requirements. For example, medical professionals are required to have medical malpractice insurance.
Ans: You can purchase liability insurance from licensed insurance companies or brokers in the UAE. It is important to shop around and compare policies and prices to find the coverage that best meets your needs.
Ans: Several factors can affect the cost of liability insurance, including the type of coverage, the limit of coverage, the nature of your business or profession, and your claims history.
Ans: If you need to make a claim on your liability insurance policy, you should notify your insurer as soon as possible and provide all the necessary documentation and information. Your insurer will then investigate the claim and may provide legal representation or negotiate a settlement on your behalf.
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