In Dubai, basic insurance policies provide essential protection across various domains, including health, automotive, and home insurance. This guide focuses on understanding the basics of each type of insurance and how to navigate choosing the right coverage to meet your needs.

Types of Basic Insurance

Choosing the Right Basic Insurance Policy

When selecting a basic insurance policy in Dubai, consider the following factors:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is health insurance mandatory in Dubai?

Health insurance is mandatory in Dubai to ensure that all residents have access to necessary medical services without the risk of financial hardship due to health issues.

What is the minimum car insurance required in Dubai?

The minimum requirement is third-party liability insurance, which covers damage caused to another vehicle or individual but does not cover any damage to the insured's own vehicle.

Is home insurance required by law in Dubai?

No, home insurance is not legally required in Dubai, but it is highly recommended to protect against potential risks and damages to property.

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