In Dubai, employers are required to provide medical insurance coverage for their domestic workers. The employer is responsible for purchasing and maintaining a medical insurance policy that covers the domestic worker for medical treatment they may need while working in Dubai.

It's important for employers to understand the terms and conditions of the medical insurance policy they purchase, as well as the exclusions and limitations of the coverage. Employers should also ensure that the policy is regularly updated to meet the changing needs of the domestic worker.

Employers can compare different policies and consult with insurance advisors to find the best medical insurance policy for their domestic worker. Al Buhaira Insurance is one of the Participating Insurers in the ISAHD program of the Dubai Health Authority, offering essential health insurance benefits for domestic workers in Dubai.

Domestic helpers play a significant role in our daily lives by taking care of our families and maintaining our homes. Without them, many of us would struggle. Thus, it's vital to take care of them. Insurance coverage can help us do that.

Having insurance coverage would also provide peace of mind in case of any unfortunate events.

Health insurance is an essential tool to ensure the well-being of our domestic helpers. Their physical health is crucial for them to be able to perform all the household tasks efficiently. Taking care of our domestic helpers through insurance coverage is an important step in ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Who are the domestic employees?

The category of domestic workers includes the following jobs.

  1. housemaid
  2. private sailor
  3. watchman and security guard
  4. household shepherd
  5. family chauffeur
  6. parking valet workers
  7. household horse groomer
  8. household falcon caretaker and trainer
  9. domestic labourer
  10. housekeeper
  11. private coach
  12. private teacher
  13. babysitter/nanny
  14. household farmer
  15. gardener
  16. private nurse
  17. private PRO
  18. private agriculture engineer
  19. cook

Who oversees providing domestic workers with insurance?

Whether an Emirati or a Resident, the individual who sponsors domestic employees must make insurance and make the necessary financial contributions.

Under the medical insurance program offered to citizens of Dubai by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) is the basic level of health insurance coverage.

EBP insurance key highlights.

  1. An annual claim limit of AED 150,000
  2. Emergency medical treatment limited to Emirates within the UAE
  3. Basic healthcare services within the Emirate of Dubai

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