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ABNIC strives to be a digital leader and is constantly investing in technology and digitalization to enhance its services. We want to optimize our IT systems to strengthen our infrastructure while offering digitalized products and services to customers.

Digitalization has changed the needs and expectations of today’s customer. ABNIC has made it a strategic priority to digitalize its services to offer a seamless and exceptional customer experience. In insurance terms, this means enabling customers to easily navigate the process of choosing and purchasing the right product for them by using simple, easy-to-understand language. It also means providing them with fast and effective online claims handling. ABNIC has made rapid progress with its digital transition.

Motor Brokers portal

This portal allows our broker partners to quickly issue motor insurance coverage, compare multiple products, download policy documents and others.

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Medical provider Portal

This application delivers seamless healthcare services, our network providers can use our site to review and validate member information.

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Medical Brokers portal

This portal allows our broker partners to quickly issue medical insurance coverage, compare multiple products, download policy documents and others.

Medical Network

This medical insurer application provides access to a comprehensive list of medical networks, which may be filtered by specialty, emirates, doctor, or clinic.

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Tenant Portal – Real Estate Department

Property management software helps ABNIC real estate department to track leases, residents, and maintenance tasks, as well as collect rent and manage finances to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Rental Portal

Al Buhaira Insurance's property portal showcases all its available rental properties. Choose from a wide range of Sharjah rental properties, compare and check photos, price, features, amenities, and location, among other things.

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Employee self-services

Employee self-service (ESS) portal is a web-based tool through which ABNIC employees can access relevant information and conduct certain transactions.

ABNIC Mobile Apps

This user-friendly and highly interactive application will allow users to access their health insurance, medical network information. They no longer need to bring their actual health insurance cards to the medical providers; instead, they can simply display their digital insurance card and access benefits.

Home Insurance Broker Portal

Home insurance broker portal provides brokers with all required functionalities in a single location, reducing the time required to issue home insurance policies.

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Online Portal (Buy Insurance)

The online portal will allow ABNIC website users to quickly and easily enter information, choose an insurance policy package, receive a price quote, process an online payment, and get an insurance policy.

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