Motorcycle Insurance

In the UAE, motorcycle insurance is mandatory for all riders and is required by law to legally operate a motorcycle on the roads. The coverage typically includes third-party liability, which protects the policyholder from financial responsibility for any damage or injuries they may cause to other people or their property. Some insurance providers may also offer additional coverage options such as collision and theft protection. It is important to shop around and compare policies from different insurance providers to find the best coverage at a competitive price. It is also important to note that insurance companies may have different requirements for motorcycle insurance, such as minimum engine size or age of the motorcycle.

When buying motorcycle insurance in the UAE, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Coverage: Make sure the policy provides the coverage you need, such as third-party liability, collision, and theft protection.
  2. Policy limits: Check the policy limits for each type of coverage to ensure they are sufficient for your needs.
  3. Exclusions: Review the exclusions in the policy to ensure you understand what is not covered.
  4. Premium: Compare premiums from different insurance providers to find the most competitive price.
  5. Claims process: Understand the process for making a claim and ensure it is straightforward and easy to follow.
  6. Reputation: Research the reputation of the insurance company, customer reviews and ratings to ensure a good customer service.
  7. Add-ons: Check if there are any add-ons available such as roadside assistance, which can add value to your policy.
  8. Licensing: Make sure the insurance company is licensed by the UAE Insurance Authority.

It's always good to read the terms and conditions of the policy before purchasing it and to ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance :
  1. Commercial Vehcile insurance
  2. Truck Insurance

Truck insurance is a specialized commercial vehicle insurance policy designed to protect commercial trucks from any loss or damage caused by accidents, fire, weather-related catastrophes, theft, and third-party liabilities. It provides coverage for trucks that work for a company and perform commercial tasks, such as hauling automobiles, providing pick-up and drop-off services, and transporting commodities.

Why Do Trucks Need Insurance?

When an unforeseeable event results in the loss or damage of a truck during the delivery of products, truck insurance protects the policyholder financially. It is a contract between the insurance provider and the policyholder.

Why You Should Buy Truck Insurance

To be prepared for any unexpected crises concerning the insured truck, purchasing a truck insurance coverage is crucial. Here are a few justifications for why getting commercial vehicle insurance is essential:

According to UAE Motor Law, it is a requirement that all trucks operating on UAE roads possess a current Liability-Only coverage. People who do not have a policy that covers vehicle liability risk may face legal liability. If you want comprehensive insurance for your truck, you can choose to purchase a package policy.

Prevents Financial Losses: Since vehicles are used for commercial purposes, any damage or loss incurred by or to the truck has the potential to inflict significant financial losses. It is better to purchase the best truck insurance for your trucks to prevent any financial damage to your company.

Getting Ready for Unexpected Emergencies: Emergencies can happen at any time. They may result in death as well as damage or loss of property (such as a vehicle) (truck driver). They might also harm or lose something to a third party. However, you can be well-prepared for any unfavorable events surrounding your business truck by having the truck insured.

The following situations are covered by a commercial truck insurance policy for the insured truck:

  1. Accidents:
  2. It covers any loss or harm brought on by an accident to the insured truck.
  3. Fire:
  4. This truck insurance protects against any losses brought on by a fire that damages the insured vehicle.
  5. Natural disasters:
  6. This pickup truck insurance will provide coverage if natural calamities, such as floods or lightning, cause loss to or damage to the insured truck.
  7. Theft or vandalism:
  8. This truck insurance coverage will reimburse you for the loss or damages resulting from the theft or vandalism of your insured truck.
  9. Personal Accident:
  10. If the insured truck is involved in an accident that results in the driver's injury or death, the commercial vehicle insurance provider will pay for the damages.
  11. Losses to Third Parties:
  12. This coverage will cover any injuries or property damage that the insured truck causes to third parties.
  13. Disabled Vehicle Towing:
  14. This big truck insurance also covers any harm a vehicle being towed by the insured heavy-duty truck may cause to a third party.
Commercial truck insurance policies have certain exclusions and limitations on coverage. Here are some instances where commercial truck insurance providers won't provide coverage:
  1. Driving without a valid license: If the driver operating the insured truck does not have a valid license, losses incurred will not be reimbursed.
  2. Contributory negligence: The insurance provider will not cover damages to the insured truck caused by the owner-driver's own negligence.
  3. Driving under the influence: Claims will not be paid by the insurance provider if the truck driver causes any losses or damages to himself, the truck, or a third party while driving the insured truck while intoxicated.
  4. Consequential damages: Damages or losses that the insured truck may incur that are not directly related to an accident or another covered event, such as engine damage caused by incorrect vehicle handling after an accident, are not covered.
Truck insurance policies cover all commercially operated trucks, which can be classified into four types:
  1. Mini truck: The smallest truck with an engine displacement of less than 1000 CC, typically used for local pick-ups.
  2. Light truck: Used to move goods between cities, with a payload of less than 1814 kg (4000 pounds).
  3. Medium truck: Used to transport larger items like furniture and other goods.
  4. Heavy-duty truck: Typically used for towing and carrying building supplies.
Commercial truck insurance providers offer two types of plans depending on the degree of coverage:
  1. Third-party liability-only truck insurance policy: This policy protects the policyholder from any liability resulting from harm the insured truck may have caused to a third party. It also provides personal accident insurance for the truck owner-driver.
  2. Comprehensive truck insurance policy: This type of policy offers total protection for the covered truck by covering both personal vehicle damage and third-party truck insurance. It also covers losses or damages resulting from incidents such as fire, accidents, natural calamities, vandalism, or theft. This policy also includes coverage for third-party person and property damage and offers personal accident coverage for the truck owner-driver.
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