Medical reimbursement is a process through which an individual can receive reimbursement or compensation for the medical expenses they have incurred. It is a benefit that is provided by insurance companies, including Al Buhaira Insurance, to their policyholders.

To apply for medical reimbursement with Al Buhaira Insurance, the following steps can be taken:

  1. The insured person must first receive medical treatment for an illness or injury and pay for the expenses out of pocket.
  2. The insured person must then gather all the relevant medical receipts, bills, and reports related to the treatment received.
  3. The insured person must fill out a medical reimbursement claim form, which can be obtained from the insurance company's website or office.
  4. The completed claim form, along with the supporting documents, should be submitted to the insurance company.
  5. The insurance company will review the claim and, if approved, will reimburse the insured person for the medical expenses incurred, up to the coverage limit specified in the policy.

It is important to note that certain conditions and exclusions may apply, and the reimbursement amount may vary based on the policy terms and conditions. It is recommended to carefully read the policy document and contact the insurance company's customer service for any queries or concerns.

To submit a Medical Reimbursement request to Al Buhaira insurance, please complete the attached Medical Reimbursement form and forward it to Once we receive your request, we will respond to you promptly.

Medical Reimbursement Form
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