In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), vehicle registration renewal is a process that must be completed annually to ensure that your vehicle is legally allowed to be on the road. To renew your vehicle registration in the UAE, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather required documents: In order to renew your vehicle registration, you will need to have your vehicle's registration card, insurance certificate, and Emirates ID.
  2. Renew your vehicle insurance: Your vehicle insurance must be renewed annually. Contact your insurance provider to renew your policy and obtain an updated insurance certificate.
  3. Pass an inspection: Your vehicle will need to pass an inspection at an authorized vehicle inspection center, such as an ADNOC Vehicle Inspection Center.
  4. Obtain an inspection report: Once your vehicle has passed inspection, an inspection report will be issued.
  5. Pay the renewal fee: After passing the inspection and obtaining the inspection report, you will need to pay the renewal fee. The fee can vary depending on the type of vehicle.
  6. Renew your car registration (Mulkiya): Once you have paid the renewal fee and obtained the necessary documents (insurance certificate and inspection report), the vehicle registration will be renewed and you will be issued a new registration card.

It is important to note that if you fail to renew your vehicle registration on time, you may be subject to fines or penalties. It is also recommended to check the official website of the Road and Transport Authority in your emirate for the most updated information on the process and fees as it may vary from emirate to emirate.

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