Integrated Care Plans (ICP) in health insurance are designed to offer a cohesive approach to healthcare by combining various medical services and benefits into one comprehensive plan. This guide delves into the details of ICPs, how they work, their benefits, and who should consider them.

What is an Integrated Care Plan (ICP)?

An Integrated Care Plan is a type of health insurance plan that simplifies patient care coordination by integrating multiple health services under a single plan. ICPs are tailored to provide seamless care from various health providers and specialists without the need for separate plans or additional coordination by the patient. These plans are particularly beneficial for patients with chronic conditions or those requiring extensive healthcare services.

Key Features of ICPs

Benefits of Integrated Care Plans

Choosing an ICP can offer several advantages:

Who Should Consider an ICP?

Integrated Care Plans are ideal for:

Choosing the Right ICP

When selecting an Integrated Care Plan, consider factors such as the scope of coverage, network of providers, cost implications, and the specific healthcare needs of you or your family. It’s crucial to evaluate how well the plan integrates various aspects of healthcare you might need and how it aligns with your personal healthcare journey.

List of Authorized Insurance Companies by ICP

To ensure a dignified life, high health well-being, and the preservation of health rights for all residents on its land, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security announces that, starting from February 16, 2024, the Authority will retrieve medical insurance policies through electronic integration with approved insurance companies for residency renewal service and there will be dispensation from the health insurance attachment.

The following is a list of insurance companies approved by the Authority to retrieve insurance data via electronic integration:

Insurance Companies Contact Number Email Address
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company - P.S.C - Takaful. 02-410 7700
Adamjee Insurance Company Limited 04-275 2337
Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company 02-611 9999
Al Buhaira National Insurance Co 06-517 4444
Al Dhafra Insurance Company 02-694 9444
Al Fujairah National Insurance Company P.S.C 800 23642
Al Ittihad Al Watani 04-210 6800
Al Sagr National Insurance Company 02-621 1777
Al Watania Takaful 800 9282642
Al Wathba National Insurance Company 600 544040
Alliance Insurance 04-605 1111
Arabia Insurance Company 02-674 5700
Dubai Insurance Company P.S.C 800 382467
Emirates Insurance Company P.S.C 800 98
Hayah Insurance Company 800 42924
Insurance House 600 511112
Islamic Arab Insurance Company Salama 800 725262
Jordan Insurance Co. Ltd 04-269 8810
Methaq Takaful insurance Company 600 565695
National Life and General Insurance Company SAOG 04-396 1331
Orient Insurance Company 800 674368
Orient UNB Takaful P.J.S.C (Under Al Futtaim Group) 04-601 7500
Qatar Insurance Company 800 4742
Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company 04-222 8866
Saudi Arabian Insurance Company B.S.C (Damana) 04-275 2400
Takaful Emarat - Insurance P.S.C 600 522550
The Mediterranean & Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance Company - Medgulf 04-373 8888
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd 06-556 0312
The Oriental Insurance Company Limited 800 628873
Tokio Marine 02-643 2290
Union Insurance 800 84248
Cigna Insurance Middle East S.A.L. 800 124462
United Fidelity Insurance Company 800 842
Yas Takaful 800 889
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 800 6385433
National General Insurance Co 04-211 5800
Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance P.S.C 600 580000
Sukoon Insurance P.J.S.C 800 785666
Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company - Sukoon Takaful 800 272262
Iran Insurance Company 04-221 4747
GIG Gulf Insurance 800 292
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company PJSC (ADNIC) 800 8040
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