Cover the breach of professional duty

by reason of negligent act, error or omission by architects, engineers, solicitors, accountants etc.

احصل على عرض سعر

تتضمن السفن التجارية مجموعة متنوعة من السفن ، والتي تعمل إما في الخليج العربي وخليج عمان وبحر العرب والمحيط الهندي أو في جميع أنحاء العالم ، سواء كانت أسطولًا أو سفينة واحدة ، فنحن نؤمن كلاً من الخسائر المادية والأضرار التي تلحق بهيكل والآلات ومسؤولية التصادم الناشئة خارج ملكية و / أو تشغيل السفن وفقًا لشروط المجمع الزمنية الصادرة من سوق لندن.

Types of vessels in the UAE market:
Ocean-going Vessels
Tugboats and Towing Vessels
Coastal Trading Vessels
Port Fleets, Port and Harbour Work Boats
Dredgers normally used for harbour maintenance and construction work
Who is a potential Commercial Vessel (H&M) Insurance customer?
Vessel owners
Vessel operators and managers
Mortgagees who provide finances for any of the vessels described above.
Time Charterers, who own, charter, operate or manage any of the vessels described above.
Policy/ Form Highlights
A standard set of “Institute Time Clauses– Hull” is normally used to cover commercial vessels.

Coverage can range from ‘Hull & Machinery’ and Total Loss as per London Market institute time clauses depending upon the needs of our clients and risk evaluation. The insurance coverage is on an Agreed Value basis.

Standard form includes:
Physical damage to the vessel’s hull, machinery and installed equipment
Sue and labour expenses (expenses to avert or minimize a loss)
Vessel’s proportion of general average and salvage charges
Primary Collision Liability and legal expenses
Extension of cover includes
Increased value (I.V.)
War, Strikes and Related Insurances
Protection & Indemnity Cover

There are other coverages available. We shall be happy to provide you with further details as and when required

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