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by reason of negligent act, error or omission by architects, engineers, solicitors, accountants etc.

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Marina Operator’s Legal Liability

This insurance covers the legal liability of a marina operator towards the owners of private pleasure watercrafts. The coverage is designed to protect the Marina Operator against property damage which may occur to private pleasure vessels while in his care, custody and control. It also provides protection against liability for damage to customers’ watercraft, engines and outboard motors.

Who is a potential M.O.L.L. Insurance customer?

Any person who owns and/ or operates a marina.

Policy/ Form Highlights

The insurance protection is provided for operations of the Insured at his premises covering:

Repair, alteration, maintenance or service
Launching or Hauling
Docking at slips and spaces provided by the marina
Damage to the property of others caused by operation of watercraft while in marina’s custody
Extensions of coverage include:
P & I on non-owned craft operated by the Insured
Delivery of boats to owners over land by trailer
Boat Dealers’ Legal Liability

This insurance covers the dealer’s stock for physical damage to vessels until sold and delivered to the owner. The policy can be extended to provide Hull & Liability coverage during demonstration afloat for a prospective buyer as well as for vessels being transported from the manufacturer’s yard for the purpose of sale. This type of coverage is usually written in conjunction with a Marina Operators Legal Liability policy.

Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability

This coverage insures the legal liability a ship repairer has for damage to vessels while in their care, custody and control. Many repairers have their own yards where all repair work is performed. Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability (SRLL) provides protection for contractors’ legal liability during the repair or alteration of a customer’s vessel at their shipyard, other locations, or at sea.

Who is a potential S.R.L.L. Insurance customer?

Vessel repairers and contractors who work on ship components.

Policy/Form Highlights

Liability for damage to vessels, equipment and cargo on board during repairs or alterations or while on trial trips. It may also cover damage to the property of others arising from the vessel under repair and include bodily injury.

The insurance is provided on London Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability Clauses.

ABNIC is also extensively involved in Aviation insurance and can provide cover for hulls and liabilities related to general aviation and airline industry.

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